For Kelvin Hammond, photography is as essential as breathing…


Born in Salt Lake City in 1961, and raised in countries around the world, Kelvin is a self-taught photographer, who in anticipation of being rejected by the finest photography schools, felt compelled to open a studio in Billings Montana, a matter of fortuitous convenience, and began photographing whatever showed up at his doorstep – kids, dogs, food, machinery, businessmen, brides, and the occasional person who felt clothing was completely optional, all of which has contributed to his vast experience of photographing nearly everything under the sun.


Today, Kelvin’s photographic interests lie in architecture and in creating art, paying considerable attention to form and palette, capturing the essence of what is before him, and then interpreting it to refine both form and color in the post-process with a dedication that is akin to the making of a deep red wine that doesn’t take itself too seriously, the notes of which are welcome & familiar.  :)


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